Cafflano Kompact — Eastbrew Coffee
Cafflano Kompact — Eastbrew Coffee
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A compact accessory for Immersion and Cold Coffee Brewing

Cafflano accessories from Eastbrew Coffee

Cafflano is a team of enthusiasts from Korea, who for many years have been creating original accessories for brewing coffee on a trip and not only. We have been close friends since 2017 and have met many times in Seoul with one of the founders, Justin Ahn, bringing friendship and relationships

  • Cafflano Klassic All-in-One is a coffee grinder, funnel, thermo mug and kettle in one beautiful case;
  • Cafflano Kompact - compact accessory for immersion brewing and cold brew;
  • Cafflano Kompresso - a unique tool for making espresso;
  • Cafflano Go-Brew - an individual bottle for all drinks, in which you can brew coffee;
  • The Cafflano Krinder is a coffee grinder with a nice design and simple grinders.

For 8 years now we have been we produce freshly roasted coffee on the perfect Loring and Typhoon roasters, which allow you to reveal the taste qualities of fresh grain and achieve stability in production. We pack coffee in a modified gaseous medium (nitrogen), which significantly increases the period when the grain retains the entirety of its bouquet.

If you decide to buy coffee in our online store Eastbrew Coffee in the amount of 3000 rubles or more, the delivery of the entire order will be free for you to any corner of Russia.

We will start roasting coffee in Moscow only after your order. This way you get the coffee as fresh as possible. We grind it for any brewing method: you can buy coffee for dzhezva (turku), a geyser moka coffee maker, a coffee machine, an automatic machine, a horn coffee maker, a French press, an aeropress, a funnel, a kemex, a drip coffee maker and other ways of brewing coffee.

Our coffee can be bought in the online store, Yandex.Shop, Ozone and Yandex. On the Market, in our coffee shop in Moscow and in coffee shops throughout Russia, Belarus and Georgia.

To buy coffee brewing accessories from Cafflano wholesale, write us or register a wholesale account.