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Eastbrew Coffee Legacy Coffee Archive

This is where we store every lot of coffee that has ever passed through our loving hands.

Here you can remember what kind of coffee you tried, and even pick up similar varieties from the current assortment. Read out of simple curiosity, compare these lots with new crops from the same farmers, and just feel nostalgic.

Good coffee is scarce and runs out too quickly. And in most cases the bouquet of a bright lot is unique, just as the conditions for its growth and processing are not repeatable. The average temperature, the amount of precipitation and sunny days, the direction of the winds, the balance of minerals in the soil - all this is mobile, and in synergy once creates a unique terroir profile. Every year, like every day, is not the same. Likewise, coffee, even grown by the same farmer on the same land, of the same botanical variety, will be slightly different from harvest to harvest.