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Roasted cocoa beans from Costa-Rica.
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Milk chocolate with cane sugar from Indonesia.
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Milk chocolate with coconut sugar from Peru.

Chocolate and cocoa beans from Eastbrew Tea & Coffee

We do not ignore bean-to-bar chocolate, which in its philosophy is close to specialty coffee. Under the brand Eastbrew Tea & Coffee you will find a special chocolate with a taste that will change your attitude towards chocolate. We are in no hurry to expand the range of chocolate, and each of our lots has a rich taste and a good history.

When choosing bean-to-bar chocolate, we take a responsible approach to choosing partners, choosing people with a responsible approach, a fresh crop of cocoa beans and a traceable product at least to the region of growth.

If you decide to buy coffee in our online store Eastbrew Coffee in the amount of 3000 rubles or more, the delivery of the entire order will be free for you to any corner of Russia.

The chocolate is packed in convenient sealed tubes with a layer that protects against contact with other materials, which can be used repeatedly for a variety of products.

Our coffee, tea and chocolate can be purchased in the online store, Yandex.Shop, Ozone and Yandex. On the Market, in our coffee shop in Moscow and in coffee shops throughout Russia, Belarus and Georgia.

To buy bean-to-bar chocolate, cocoa beans and grated cocoa wholesale to the office, coffee shop or hotel, write us or register a wholesale account.