Craft Coffee Jessica Easto

"Craft Coffee" by Jessica Easto
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The Craft Coffee book is a great addition to your coffee library. Russian-language edition of Jessica Isto's guidebook on manual alternative ways to brew coffee at home and on the road. Craftsmanship secrets: from the choice of grain to the intricacies of the cooking process.

This modern and accessible manual is your guide to the world of quality black coffee. And wherever you are on your coffee path - hesitating at the very beginning or already discovering new unusual taste routes - with the help of our book you can definitely make a cup of great coffee at home.

The book is primarily about ways to brew coffee at home, and contains step by step instructions and recipes. And she, of course, is about the specialty of coffee: how to choose, how to store and how to make coffee and not be disappointed in it. The book introduces the basics of coffee preparation - how the parameters of the brewing process affect the extraction of coffee beans and the taste of the finished drink. A separate chapter is devoted to the analysis of the taste and aroma of coffee.

Hardcover, good paper, tactile cover.

This book was crowdfunded and we are proud to have contributed a little to the publication of this great book.

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