Scales Acaia Pearl S

Scale for brewing coffee Acaia Pearl S.
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Scale, Mat, Charging Cable
Weighing Range
1 — 3000 g
Weighing Step
0.1 g


The Acaia Pearl S coffee brewing scale is a new, updated model of the classic Acaia Pearl scale created back in 2014. Ultra-sensitive, fast and convenient due to its dimensions, the scales, among other advantages, have an application for iOS and Android. The new Pearl S model interacts with the new app -Brewgiudeand shows in real time, directly on the display, tips for controlling the brewing profile. Also in the new model, the maximum weighing threshold has been increased to 3 kilograms.


Ultra-fast 20ms response time and instant readings.

Accurate and sensitive

Weighing steps up to 0.1 g. The Acaia Pearl is sensitive even to weight changes due to evaporation.


The balance is designed with laboratory equipment in mind, such as adjustable zero position and slip compensation.


The scale displays both time and weight on a dual display. If you are paired with one of our mobile apps, sync can track your time and schedule your brew.

Automatic shutdown

The Acaia Pearl scale does not switch off while brewing coffee. If desired, the automatic shutdown time can be configured using the app.

Built-in battery

Greener alternative power source - Li-ion battery lasts 20-30 hours.

If you are lucky enough to own an Acaia scale, don't forget to install the Brewguide app for Pearl S or Brewmaster for other Acaia scale models.

Useful apps for iOS and Android:

Brewgiude - a small social network with recipes, mainly for owners of the new Pearl S.

Brewmaster - for recording logs and brewing graphs.

Brewbar - when working with several scales at the same time.

Acaia coffee - basic app, currently it's better to use Brewmaster.

Acaia Updater - firmware update.

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